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With everything that is going on in the world today, there has never been a better time to be clean. At MopSpot we offer Deep Clean and Classic Clean service options. You can customize the frequency of your cleaning to suit your lifestyle, leaving more time to do the things you love.

The Classic Clean

The MopSpot Classic Clean is our signature recurring clean that maintains that high standard you expect every time and keeps your home feeling fresh on a regular basis. It is particularly great for families on a budget or individuals living alone.

*Bi-weekly or weekly service only.

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The Deep Clean

The MopSpot Deep Clean will restore your home to the highest cleaning standard that it deserves. This is the initial service your home will undergo whether you require a recurring service or a one-time deep clean. It tackles all the built up dirt, dust, and grime that has accumulated over time and it will make your home sparkle again.

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Moving In/Out

After all the sorting, the packing and the lifting, do you really want to be doing the cleaning?

Moving Out? MopSpot Moving will give your home a deep cleaning from top to bottom, inside and out, providing buyers, sellers, and renters with the clean that will get your deposit back.

Moving In? We will prepare your home to be ready to move into – forget the grime that the last dwellers left, have the peace of mind that your new home will feel like no one has lived there before.

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Custom Add-ons

MopSpot Add-Ons are available any time. Whether your home needs that extra boost, you have had a busy week, extra guests, or you simply want to customize your Classic Clean, love your home a little bit more with our Add-Ons.

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Service Details

Take a closer look at what a Deep Clean and a Classic Clean includes. Every property is different and we can fine-tune your cleaning service though our Add-on Services.


Cleaning Description Classic Deep
Clean and disinfect the countertops, toilet, sink, shower, and tub
Clean the front of cabinet doors, drawers, and handles
Clean door, door handles, window sills, and light switches
Clean and shine mirrors and glass shower doors
Polish the hardware, towel rack, and toilet paper holder; dust any decor
Dust light fixtures
Vacuum, hand-wash the floor, baseboards, and the wall around toilet
Empty Garbage
Clean and polish high-reaching mirrors
Clean door grooves and casings
Vacuum bathroom fan


Cleaning Description Classic Deep
Clean all countertops; move and clean under items (ex. knife blocks, bread box, cutting board), all small appliances are wiped down.
Clean and shine major appliances including inside of microwave and the top of the hood fan
Clean the front of cabinet doors, drawers, and handles
Clean kitchen chairs, table and base
Clean backsplash and sink window (if applicable)
Scour and shine sink and faucet
Dust accessible light fixtures, especially over kitchen island
Vacuum (incl. pantry), wash floors and toe-kick; all high traffic areas are hand-washed
Clean inside cupboard and door of garbage area
Dust and clean light fixtures
Clean garbage can, inside and out

Laundry / Mudroom

Cleaning Description Classic Deep
Clean the countertops, cabinet doors, drawers, and sink
Clean the top and front of the appliances
Dust shelving, decor, and window sills
Dust baseboards
Vacuum and wash the floors

Common Living Areas and Bedrooms

Cleaning Description Classic Deep
Dust all flat surfaces, shelving, décor, picture frames, and furniture
Dust/clean leather furniture; vacuum pet hair from furniture and pet beds
Dust and clean TV and computer screens
Dust window sills and spot clean all windows
Clean staircase bannister and base (glass railings are a MopSpot Add-On)
Clean high-touch door areas and handles, light switches
Fold blankets and fluff pillows on couches and chairs; make beds
Dust baseboards and grill of air vents
Vacuum all floor surfaces (under all furniture if accessible)
Mop all hard floor surfaces
Dust and clean all door panels and frames
Dust and clean wainscotting
Clean spindles of staircase and or full cleaning of glass staircase
Dust ceiling fans
Vacuum all carpet edges
Clean all windows


Add-On to ANY of your packages! Price Service
Load Dishwasher: $10
Full-Service Bedding: $15/bed
Cleaning of Glass Staircase/Walls: from $20
Dusting of Wainscotting and Door Panelling: (pricing based on square footage) $/sq.ft.
Secondary Level Floor Washing: (pricing based on square footage) $/sq.ft.
Under-Cushion Couch Vacuuming: $10
Blinds: (per window pane) $5
Interior Window Cleaning: (per window pane) $3
Inside Oven: from $30
Inside Fridge:  from $25
Clean full length wall mirrors:  from $20

Services Not Offered

Services we don’t provide: Service
Hand-wash Dishes
Hoarding Issues
Move Furniture
Extremely Cluttered Areas
Inside Closets
High Ledges
Outdoor or Exterior Surfaces
Pet Accidents

*For additional requests, please call us for a consultation.

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