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The Classic Clean

The MopSpot Classic Clean is our signature recurring service that keeps your home fresh and clean all week long. It is our most popular choice for busy families and professionals because one less thing to worry about is priceless.

Service Details

Take a closer look at what our Classic Clean includes. Every property is unique and you can customize your cleaning service with our Add-On Services.


  • Wainscotting, door handles, and high touch points on doors (including pocket doors).
  • All doors, wainscotting, door frames (including the top ledge) and door handles.
  • Walls under towel racks and walls beside sink.
  • Dust light fixtures, picture frames/glass, and decor.
  • Toilet, surrounding walls, and baseboards.
  • Counters, backsplash, and sink and polish the hardware.
  • Soap dispenser and counter decor.
  • Exterior of all cabinetry and shelving.
  • Interior of all cabinetry and drawers.
  • Shower/tub; polish hardware, glass, and frame.
  • Polish mirrors.
  • Windows and window frame.
  • Window sills and spot clean windows.
  • Light switches, electrical plates, and vents.
  • Empty the garbage and replace with new bag (provided by MopSpot).
  • Vacuum ceiling fan.
  • Vacuum and wash floors by hand (including the baseboards).
  • Tri-fold all towels and hang neatly on racks.
  • Fold toilet paper the MopSpot way.


  • Scour sink; clean and polish faucet.
  • Interior and exterior of fridge/freezer; pull away from wall to clean sides and floor.
  • Interior and exterior of stove/oven; pull away from wall to clean sides and floor.
  • Hood fan and underside of hood fan.
  • Remove and degrease grease traps.
  • Exterior of all cabinetry and handles; clean exterior and interior of glass inserts.
  • Interior of all cabinetry.
  • Pantry; door, light switches, shelving (Move-Out ONLY), floor, baseboards.
  • Backsplash and polish dry.
  • Accessible light fixtures.
  • Kitchen table, chairs, and stools.
  • Spot clean walls.
  • All windows, sliding doors, and tracks.
  • All doors (including pocket doors), door frames, and handles.
  • Spot clean door, door detailing, and all high touch points.
  • Complete surface of all countertops.
  • Counter decor and other items (picture frames, salt/pepper shaker etc.) and small appliances (toaster/kettle etc.).
  • Polish the exterior of all appliances including the interior of the microwave (and underneath if accessible).
  • All light switches, electrical plates, and air exchange vents.
  • Exterior of garbage can; if placed in a cupboard/drawer, clean surrounding surfaces.
  • Vacuum and mop all flooring; wash all toe kicks and all high-traffic areas by hand.

Mudroom / Front Door Entrance

  • Windows, frames, and window sills.
  • Spot clean windows and clean window sills.
  • Doors and door frames.
  • Door detailing and high touch points.
  • Interior of all built-in cabinetry and closets.
  • Exterior of all built-in cabinetry.
  • All light switches, electrical plates, and air exchange vents.
  • Walls and baseboards.
  • Vacuum and wash all flooring; remove any door mats to clean underneath.

Laundry room

  • Windows, window sills, and frames.
  • Window sills and spot clean windows.
  • Doors, doors frames and handles.
  • High touch points, handle and detailing on doors.
  • Scour sink and polish hardware.
  • Counters and exterior of cabinetry.
  • Interior of cabinetry.
  • Exterior of laundry machines.
  • Dust shelving, decor and hanging pictures.
  • All light switches, electrical plates, and air exchange vents.
  • Vacuum and clean accessible areas beside the washer/dryer and dust baseboards.
  • Vacuum and wash all flooring.
  • Empty garbage.

Common Living Areas and Bedrooms

  • Interior of all windows/window sills, sliding doors, frames and tracks.
  • Spot clean windows and sliding doors; clean all window sills and tracks.
  • Mirrors and glass features.
  • Doors, door frames, and handles.
  • Dust door detailing and clean all high touch points.
  • Exterior of built-in cabinetry and shelving.
  • Interior and exterior of all built-in cabinetry.
  • Interior of all closets; shelving, flooring, baseboards.
  • Fireplace frame and exterior glass.
  • Dust all decor, picture frames, hanging art.
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces of furniture; clean all surfaces of furnitures (Deep Clean ONLY).
  • All baseboards and wainscotting.
  • Staircase bannister and base (spindles as required).
  • Areas behind furniture.
  • Vacuum and wash all flooring.
  • Vacuum all carpet edges.
  • Vacuum furnace/utility room in basement.
  • Empty all garbages.

*For additional requests, please call us for a consultation.

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Custom Add-Ons

MopSpot Add-Ons are available any time. Whether your home needs that extra boost, you have had a busy week, extra guests, or you simply want to customize your Classic Clean, love your home a little bit more with our Add-Ons.

*For additional requests, please call us for a consultation.

View Add-on Pricing

  • Load Dishwasher: $10
  • Full-Service Bedding: $15 Per Bed
  • Cleaning of Glass Staircase/Walls: $/sq. ft.
  • Dusting of Wainscotting and Door Panelling: $/sq. ft.
  • Secondary Level Floor Washing: $/sq. ft.
  • Under-Cushion Couch Vacuuming
  • Blinds: $/sq. ft.
  • Interior Window Panes: $/sq. ft.
  • Inside Oven: from $30
  • Inside Fridge: from $25
  • Full-length Wall Mirrors: from $20