Vacation Rental Cleaning

MopSpot Vacation Rental Services must ensure that guests are left amazed with every booking. Imagine yourself in a hotel room, everything is in order and cleaned as though no one has ever stayed there and this is the impression that we leave after every cleaning.

We pride ourselves in consistency – it is imperative to fold and place towels correctly, make beds the same way, and leave essential supplies out for the next guest.

Key Differences Between Vacation Rental Cleaning and Residential Cleaning

  • Hotel-style bed making
  • Checking for a park pass and bear spray (seasonal)
  • Towels and bedding laundering
  • Restocking and laundering of towels; proper folding/hanging technique
  • Restocking of Paper products
  • Oven and fridge cleaning
  • Maintain cleanliness of kitchen drawers/cupboards and utility closet
  • Emptying dishwasher
  • Taking out recycling and garbage


MopSpot members provide their own transportation to and from Canmore and begin work promptly at 11 am when guests are checking out. Units must be cleaned and prepared for 3:45 pm. Always knock on the door before entering in the case that you arrive at a unit and the guests have not checked out yet. Please contact HQ immediately and proceed to your next unit. Sometimes guests just need a few minutes to get out of the door and in that case you can wait in the hallway until they have left.

During peak summer season, traffic may be heavier so please be informed about the latest traffic conditions as driving time may increase due to congestion.  The winter season will also bring delays due to whether but HQ will keep a close eye on the driving conditions and keep you informed.


The list below are the locations of the hotels and on our calendar you will see the abbreviation for the location followed by the unit number.

Copperstone (CS)-  2 Avenue, Dead Man’s Flats

Bow Solera (BOW)- 187 Kananaskis Way, Canmore

Aurora Solera (AURORA)- 187 Kananaskis Way, Canmore

Blackstone (BS)- 170 Kananaskis Way, Canmore

Grizzly (GRIZZLY)- 107 Montane Road, Canmore

Falconcrest (FC)- 190 Kananaskis Way, Canmore

Stoneridge (SR)- 30 Lincoln Park, Canmore

With the exception to the Solara and Grizzly Resorts where you will need to retrieve the key from the front desk reception (must have photo ID), all other units require a door code to enter both the garage and the unit itself.

Your Google Calendar will show the following information:

  • The Resort name (ex. CS)
  • The Unit number (ex. 2201)
  • Parking garage door code (GC)
  • Unit door code (DC)

Check In/Out Information 

  • an asterisk represents a same-day 4pm check-in (ex.*CS 2201) and the unit must be cleaned and ready for guests by 3:45pm.
  • No Asterisk means there is no same-day check in for that unit and the 4 pm time restriction will not apply to that unit. Please finish units that are being checked into first before cleaning units with no time constraints.

Example 1:

If the calendar says “*AURORA 218 (key at front desk)

  • the unit location is at Solara Resort in the Aurora building and the unit number is 218 (the 2nd floor). You must go to reception to retrieve the key
  • the unit must be completed by 3:45 pm (*)
  • The parkade garage key is the same as the unit card key
  • The unit door requires the key for entry and will lock automatically once closed

Example 2:

If the calendar says CS2114 (early)(GC5336*, DC6651)

  • The unit location is at Copperstone Resort and the unit is located in the 2000’s building (2201) on the 1st floor (2114)
  • The unit is NOT being checked into at 4pm
  • The unit can be cleaned earlier than 11 am as the guests have already checked out
  • The parkade code is 5336*
  • The door code to the unit is 6651


Cleaning the Vacation Rental Units

The guests are expected to leave the unit as tidy as possible upon departure. If the unit is in disarray, please contact HQ and you will be asked to provide photographs. Shorter stays will be remarkably cleaner than longer stays, but it is imperative to clean the whole unit in its entirety every single time.

Please check for the park pass and bear spray upon entry and message HQ to let us know if they are present in the unit. Park passes will be either hanging above the microwave or on the mantle. Guests will sometimes leave the Park pass somewhere else but please put it back in its place. If you fail to report a missing pass or spray, you are responsible for the cost of replacing the item.

It is also your responsibility to inform HQ if there are any faulty appliances, leaks, clogged drains, broken chairs or kitchenware, or anything else that requires attention.

Cleaning and Laundry Flow

All bedding is washed and dried and beds are re-made. The duvet covers only require laundering if they are stained or look/feel like they need to be washed. Please examine the duvet closely when removing sheets of the bed.  If there is a stain on towels or duvets, apply laundry detergent directly to the stain before putting in the washing machine.

Towels are included in the cleaning price of some units and must always be laundered. In other units, guests are required to launder the towels themselves and should be in the dryer. You will be informed as to which units these are when they are on your schedule. However, if towels are not been done by quests, please message us to inform us that towels have not been done and additional charge will be applied.

Laundry flow is essential for completing the unit efficiently. Immediately upon entering a suite, the first thing you will do is put the load of towels into the washing machine before washing sheets. Once the first load of towels is put into the dryer (on the longest, hottest cycle) and the second load into the washer, it is time to move to the next unit on your schedule to repeat the same flow. You will return to this first unit later (set your timer for at least one hour to give the towels time to dry). Below is an example of the flow for three units in the same building:

Restocking the Vacation Rental Units

Most units have a utility closet, or else a unlocked closet that contains all of the restocking items that you will need. This closet must remain organized and free of garbage. The key for each utility closet is under the bathroom sink, on the left hand side.

Restocking the unit is as important as the cleaning so it is critical to follow the checklist so that you are not missing anything. You will have a copy of the checklist on the inside of the locked utility closet door and you will also have a google doc of the checklist.

Your calendar may also list stock items in the notes that you are required to bring to the unit on your way up from the parkade. You are asked to take a quick inventory of the supplies in the utility closet and inform us if any supplies are running low so that the next cleaner can collect these items from storage for the next clean. We can all help each other by taking note of items that are running low so that no one has to run down to storage during their clean to replace items that should have been noted on the calendar.

There are large storage lockers located in the Copperstone, Blackstone, and Solara resorts where we keep toilet paper and paper towels, new towels and sheets, the vacuum, laundry detergent and pods, dish soap and pods. .  If you require the locker numbers and codes to retrieve supplies or a vacuum, HQ will provide these codes on your schedule.