Achieving the Best Experience

Few things beat that feeling when you come home and everything is in order and in its place. It smells clean, it looks clean, and it feels like absolute bliss.

Three Steps to a Happy Home


It's a Date!

Choose a day in your week where your home is primarily unoccupied. Of course we understand you may need to pop in, but having an empty house improves our members’ ability to efficiently clean without distraction or disruption of flow. We don’t want to miss anything!

Kickstart Your Clean

No need to clean before your clean! Simply follow the Ten Minute Tidy Checklist below to get the maximum benefit from your clean. And if you don’t get around to it, we will do our best. If there is a room that is a bit of a disaster, just close the door and we will not go in.

Rate Your Experience

Because it keeps you happy and us on our toes. Your rating let's us know that we are delivering our Mopspot promise of a happy clean home.

Ten Minute Tidy Checklist

  • De-clutter dressers, tables and desks.
    Tip: Place small items into baskets and stack papers and magazines giving more surface area to clean.
  • Pick up clothing, toys, or other loose items and place them on the sofa, bed or chair.
    Tip: Give your kids this task. #nolegocasualties
  • Remove non-essential toiletries and makeup from bathroom counters.
    Tip: Baskets are a great solution if drawers and cupboards are full.
  • Kitchen counters and sink should be free of dirty dishes.
    Tip: If you run out of time, make sure the dishwasher is empty so we can load it ($10 charge).
  • Please put away any precious, irreplaceable and highly sentimental items.
    Tip: Place them in closets or drawers on cleaning days as we don’t want to make you cry should there be a mishap.

Ten Minute Tidy – Before and After

Here are some examples of a home after a Ten Minute Tidy. Let’s maximize your clean.





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It is our MopSpot promise to you that you have that happy feeling after every service. Should you feel let down, please contact us within 24 hours of your service because we want to fix it and make sure you’re left happy and looking forward to our next visit.

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